TakeFOUR Swing Jazz Quartet
akeFOUR Swing Jazz Quartet TakeFOUR Jazz Quartet
  • Q - How much do you cost?
    A - Depending on venue and distance, our special event service starts from £450 for the 4 piece band.
  • Q - How long do you play for?
    A - Typically we play for a total of 2 hrs 15 mins divided into either 2 or 3 sets, with a 15 - 20 mins break in between. These can be modified to suit your requirements.
  • Q - Can you play music in between sets?
    A - Yes the PA system can play customers CD's between sets, we recommend a disco is booked, as the atmosphere can be kept going with a DJ playing music.
  • Q - Do you require anything specific?
    A - We require at least one 1 full 240v, 13amp supply for our PA, lighting & back stage equipment, the stage area should be at least 3m x 4m. The band require somewhere to change and rest in + access to food & refreshments.
  • Q - Can we select what you play?
    A - Yes you can make a selection from our list of current songs.
  • Q - Will you play a specific song i.e. our first dance etc?
    A - Depending on time and suitability the band can learn a song of your choice, if this is not possible a CD copy can be played through the pa system.
  • Q - Do you require a deposit when we book you?
    A - A deposit of £200 is required to book the band; the balance is due on the night at the conclusion of the performance.
  • Q - Can we see you perform before we book you?
    A - We do public performances and showcases; these will be listed in or gig diary, and we welcome all to attend.
  • Q - Can you send a demo CD?
    A - Yes if required, however for an indication of our sound please click here to go to our demo page.
  • Q - How do I book the band?
    A - Simply go to our Contact Us page & fill in the Enquiry form, or call Steve or Bryan.